The Hubbell Firm has a wealth of experience representing clients in a broad array of practice areas:

Criminal Defense
We regularly defend clients accused of: Gun Crimes, Drug Crimes, Fraud and White Collar Crimes, Sex Crimes, Federal Crimes, Appeals, Assault and Violent Crimes, Arson, Murder and Homicide, and State Restoration of Firearm Rights.

Driving Under the Infulence (DUI)
The DUI laws in the State of Tennessee are complicated and require an attorney that is experienced in DUI defense. A conviction can result in very serious consequences, including mandatory jail time (even on a first offense), heavy fines, loss of driving privileges and embarrassing and demoralizing highway clean up.

Personal Injury
We regularly defend clients with: Auto, Motorcycle, Commercial Truck Accidents, Broken Bones, Hit and Run, Work Accidents, Denial of Claims, Premises Accident, Pedestrian Accident, Fatal Accident, Bicycle Accident, Medical Malpractice, Dangerous Drugs and Medical Devices, and Nursing Home Abuse

Wrongful Death
We know the profound impact the loss of your loved one has had on your life, which is why we will devote substantial resources to your wrongful death case.

Wills & Estates
One way to avoid the disputes that can arise after you are gone is to create a solid and comprehensive estate plan today. Estate planning is more than just writing a will or creating estate planning. It involves planning for your family’s future.

A divorce, also referred to as dissolution of marriage, is a method of terminating the legal relationship that is created by a marriage. The dissolution process also legally divides the couple’s assets and debts, determines the care and custody of their children, and determines appropriate child and spousal support obligations.

Civil Litigation
A civil dispute can disrupt your life or hinder the smooth operation of your business. The Hubbell Law Firm provides straightforward answers to your Civil Law questions and helps you set realistic expectations to get you back on track. Whether through litigation or settlement, our attentive attorneys assist you in obtaining a favorable outcome in your civil matters.